Inject Purple Morphine N30

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inject morphine watson MORPHINE 60mg orange pill stamped abg ## Doing so is NOT a smart, nor safe idea! These tablets contains fillers t... 27 replies
Purple Morphine Tablet N 30 i have a pill that's supposed to be morphine but every one.I've had had an M on.but these one has N instead and ... 7 replies
Inject Morphine 15 mg blue pills can u inject morphine 15mg blue pills? ## No, it is not safe to inject any medication that has not been specifically des... 3 replies
inject morphine sulfate i've ben injecting D's forever, but couldn't remember if the morphine needed heat. are they more like the sh... 2 replies
Purple Morphine 30mg capusle what does a purple 30mg morhine capusle look like ## The only purple 30mg capsules I can find are ones under the brand n... 1 reply
inject morphine E635/30 I am getting mixed messages about Morphine IM E635/30 green pill..Is it safe to inject? Clean the color off and crush, a... 1 reply
purple morphine pill I have a football shaped purple pill light in color with pal stamped on one side and on the other side is a score and th...
Morphine Injection i think that people doing or shooting any kind of dope is not safe. they r just asking how. so keep the lectures to urse... 2 replies
Injected Morphine ABG 30 mg I injected one, and what happens if it gels in your arm? ## Has the 30 mg generic brand of morphine tablets ingredients ... 1 reply
morphine injections can anyone in nz please help I have cronic pain and need 10mg in 1 ml to inject I'm can any one help my pain...

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