How To Sniff A 30mg Opana

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how does opana ir compare to roxycodone 30mg They will be cutting my roxicodone back and they offer in.its place.opana. how do they compare? ## What dosage Opana are... 1 reply
how to sniff op 80 how to sniff OP 80 ## The new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to prevent such type of use. If you try to brea... 1 reply
How To Snort The New Opana S ER HOW CAN I TAKE THE NEW OPANA 30MG ER? ## It is not safe to try to snort any medication that hasn't been specially fo... 11 replies
How To Break Down New Opana 20 Snort EVEN BREAKING THE PILL DOWN WITH {edited for safety reasons} its all dissolved and instant release and it also hold some... 3 replies
How to IV use Old octagon opana I just got my opana filled and they gave me the old octagon style instead of the round plastic ones. Does anyone know ho...
How long to wait from Opana ER 40 mg to Suboxone film I'm quiting Opana using Suboxone. I've gradually come down from Opana ER 40 mg to 10 mg over a period of 6 month... 13 replies
How To snort the New Formula Opana ER I became a pain patient after I fell off a horse in March of last year and sustained spinal injuries which are still VER... 628 replies
how to pass a urine test for opana I snorted a 20 mg opana Sunday afternoon for the first time ever. I have a drug test Wednesday and have to take a urine ...
Opanas - how long does it take to get out of your system I have been taking different mg of opana for the past 5 days. I have a drug test coming up and I was needing to know how... 1 reply
opana er how long does it take to work I have severe RA, hip and femur full of bullet fragments and severe muscle loss. I have been taking 3 x's a day msco... 1 reply

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