Can U Snort Oxycontin Op 40

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can u snort oxycontin op how can i snort an oxycontin op 80, just asking? ## You can't. The new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to... 2 replies
Can U Inject Oxycontin Op 40 PLEASE do not inject op oxy's. I just read all these blogs, and yes we tried it. And guess what happened? My boyfrie... 12 replies
where can i get the new oxycontin Watson's Oc/Op's nc 28540 They are saying that the OxyContin Op is not a generic. And that TryCare isn't going to pay for them. So what other ...
how to snort oxycontin op 30 how to snort the new oxy? ## The new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to prevent such types of usage. If you t... 1 reply
How To Break Up OxyContin OP For Snorting ** Personally Verified** This is a personally verified method for breaking down the new OxyContin OPs for snorting (20mg, 40mg and 80mg). 1. Remo... 22 replies
How to Break Down Oxycontin OP for Snorting I found out how. To break down the oxycontin op so that they can be snorted. {edited for safety} It may take a few tries... 76 replies
Oxycontin Op Can You Still Get The Original I have a friend here in Florida who's mother is still getting 80's original formula. I seen the bottle which was... 8 replies
Oxycontin 40mgs Ontario Canada @BBB,,why do some posts require being held & others dont? Anyways yes they are new Generic Oxycontins not neo's.... 4 replies
can you smoke oxycontin op 80 Just curious {locked thread} ## No, the new Oxycontin OP have been specially designed to help prevent such abuse of the ... 60 replies
OxyContin withdrawal - what can I expect. 40mg daily 39 year old male, I've been taking 20mg of OxyContin twice a day for almost a year do to chronic back pain. I am not... 1 reply

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