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Cytotec For 5 Months I have been searching for this asap ## I WANNA BUY CYTOTEC ORAL THE SOONEST POSSIBLE ## i guess i am 4 weeks preggy righ... 10 replies
cytotec for 6 week pregnancy I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I took 1 tab of cytotec in the morning, another 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening bef... 5 replies
Cytotec for Abortion I am 19 year old girl and i am 4 weeks pregnant and i have eaten 10 tablets in a day, But nothing happen. I am soo worri... 3 replies
cytotec for 1 month pregnant how to used cytotec for 1 month pregnant ## I might b a mth pregnant and want to get cytotec how much could I use? ## i ... 2 replies
cytotec for 6 weekz month pregnant how to use cytotec and pangpahilab and methrogine for 6 weeks pregnant plzz reppy asap or repply may email ## This is ho... 1 reply
Cytotic for me I am 5 months and 12 days pregnant now. And the father don't care about it. he doesnt have plans to help me with it.... 1 reply
cytotic for 4 months? how many sytotic will be use in 4 months pregnant? ## my wife2 months pregnant we have 3 kids 1 yr gap and she studying ... 1 reply
cytotec for 2 monts San po b nkakabile cytotec at mgkano two mnts n po kc napakalake png problem nto kya plz help me...
cytotic needed for 4months? i need help. im just 20 yrs old. i was diagnosed with stomach ulcer and UTI last july because i was working at a call ce...
used cytotec for a 29 days pregnancy but there are no signs of bleeding i swallowed three cytotec pills and inserted two, yesternite,but i am not bleeding yet,WHY? But my abdomen hurts on and ... 22 replies

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