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Rozavel 10mg My father is having BP since 4+ years,he is TB Cured person(No Sugur). Why Rozavel 10mg and how long..? ## Rozavel conta... 4 replies
Rozavel 10 I have just been prescribd to take ont tab per day to bring down the level of total chlestro which is now around 230. Ca... 3 replies
Rozavel F 10 For what purpose rozavel F 10 is used ## This contains the active ingredients Rosuvastatin and Fenofibrate and it is mos... 3 replies
rozavel f side effects Does it have any affect on the libido? I am 48 yrs of age and have had problems since I started this medicine. ## I have... 2 replies
rozavel side effect For B.P. control my Doctor has prescribed: Olmozest Beta 50 & Calcigard Retard 20 mg twice daily and for control of ... 2 replies
Rozavel fls side effects please ## 1 If your cholestral is within the limit docter is suggesting tocontinew rosavel f l s .What is y... 2 replies
rozavel a 75 Just i have given the tress test in medical check up, after 10 minutes of run, doctor said it came a positive test, he r... 1 reply
Rozavel 20 what is the use of rozavel-20 tablet ## Rozavel contains the active ingredient Rosuvastatin, which is used to help lower... 1 reply
Rozavel F 5 and Olmezest 10side effects I am 35 years old and recently i have attended lipid profile test . Then i have noticed that i am suffering from cholest... 1 reply
Rozavel 5 price for 90 day supply ## I'm sorry, but this site does not manufacture, prescribe nor sell any medications, it is ... 1 reply

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